Sunday, May 1, 2011

Baby Boutique Hair Bows Review

This review has been a long time coming and I want to apologize to Baby Boutique Hair Bows for the delay. There was some confusion and the bows were not delivered to me, but to a neighbor (2 buildings down, no less), and it took this long to find them.

These bows are by far the best bows I've reviewed. I don't mean this as an insult to any past boutiques :) I just want to stress how amazed I am with them. They're sturdy (I tugged, pushed, pulled, and they didn't come apart), cute (see picture), and just overall great.

Even though they are great, at $17.50 for a set, the price is a bit steep. They're worth every penny, and are super durable so you'll get lots of use out of them, but we all know what prices are like on bows nowadays so the $17.50 just kind of stings. Especially if you have more than one pretty little girl to buy for!

**EDIT** After writing this review, I was contacted by Baby Boutique and they let me know they changed their prices. They are now $14.00 for a set of bows. That's only $7 a piece, so not bad at all. Funny how just a few dollars can change my perception of things. :)

Overall, 3 stars. If they were more in my price range, they'd have a definite 5 star rating. Please check Baby Boutique Hair Bows on Facebook. Watch their page for sales! Bows like this are hard to come by.

Monday, April 25, 2011

RadicalRecycks Review & Giveaway

My son plays electric guitar and well he is 11 so of course he loves bakugan. When i saw these picks i new they would be perfect for him and make him love playing even more. I love that this shop has many uses for recycled items and with earth day just passed what a wounderful time to raise awareness about all the awesome things you can do.
I got a set of 3 guitar picks made from a recycled gift card and wow you would never know. They are very smooth and shaped perfectly. My son loves them. You could also use these in braclets or earings or make it into a necklace, eye chain ect. They are great for so many uses.

Some other things that i love from her shop is this dunkin dounut necklace:(LOVE.LOVE.LOVE)
Starbucks plastic bottle charm bracelet:
And the red hot plastic silverware ring:
There are some other unique creations in here shop you really need to go check it out.

Win a set of New baby picks. These would be soooo cute on a charm bracelet for a new mom or yourself :)
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Country Club Soaps Review & GIVEAWAY......

Wow where do i start with this amazing review. Judy from country club soaps is a wonderful, sweet person so you know your customer service experience will be nothing but professional. She sent me so many products to review i was in pure haven so lets get started.

Up first was the oatmeal milk & honey lotion made with goats milk. The smell is a very neutral smell and its not to strong. It absorbed great on my oily skin and even felt like silk. The after feel is not greasy or oily at all in fact its more like a powder. I love this lotion and she also offers it in other fragrances if om&h isn't your thing.
Next up i found the candle in my box of yumminess. It immediately filled the room with "coffee cake & spice". The only thing i was not excited about is it produced a lot of black smoke and the wick mushrooms so just keep an eye on it and trim the wick often.
My favorite thing of all was the variety of bath bombs she sent me. I could smell these through the box and couldn't wait for all the soothing bath ahead of me. I got: starfruit & mango, peach magnolia raspberry, hardwood musk, cactus & sea salt, and stress relief. It would be so hard to pick a fav so my top 3 are hardwood musk, peach magnolia raspberry & stress relief. She also sent a few of here mini bath bombs and they were just as lovely as the full size. These are packed with skin loving oils and butters. I could feel silk on my skin as soon as i stepped in. It didn't leave my tub oily or dangerously slick and no ring around the tub. The rinse clean and still leave your skin touchably soft. Your seriously gonna keep touching your skin.
Last but not least i got some really cute peep soap. I broke this in half so each of my kids could have one and they were soooo happy. It smells sweet and perfect for kids and the glitter was a perfect touch.
So all in all i can honestly say you wont go wrong with any thing you purchase from this shop. They really know what your skin needs and the deliver it 100%. I could go on and on about all the cute, unique and wonderful items they have but here are just a few i have my eye on:

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