Monday, February 14, 2011

V-Day Giveaway: And the winner isssss...

I'm sorting through the entries and preparing to select the winner, so hang tight. This post will be updated with the winner and pictures of the selection process.

Remember, your entry only counts if you posted to ALL 3 posts.


To select the winner

1. I first created a list of all the eligible entries, including the extra entries for those who referred friends to the contest

2. Then I cut the list up and put the names into a bowl
3. Tied on my blindfold
4. Then selected the winner.

and the winner is...
MARREA!!!! Congratulations! You've won the BIGGEST prize 3 G has given. A huge selection of free items from our favorites shops. *applause* We'll be in touch with you via email to gather your information :)

Thank you to everyone who entered. This was really fun for us and we hope it was fun for you too! If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to shoot us an email at

Thanks again and goodnight!


Funkie said...


Marrea said...

OMG THANK YOU!!! I am soo excited!!!

Unknown said...

congrats marrea!!