Friday, February 4, 2011

Gillette Venus Embrace: Sadie's Review

When it comes to razors, not all are created equal. I have had my fair share of nicks, cuts, razor burn, and missed patches of hair because of them. I had all but given up when, almost like a sign from the shaving gods, I found a $3 off coupon on the shelf right by the Gillette Venus Embrace Razor! I thought to myself, "$8 for a disposable razor? Well.. with $3 off it makes it $5.. let's go for it!". I placed the coupon in my organizer, and the razor in my cart, and went to the check out line. When I got home, I honestly didn't give the razor a second though for quite a while because I still had some others in the shower.

I finally tried the Venus Embrace and again, from the shaving gods, I heard "HALLELUJAH!"... okay, not quite, but this is by far the best, most affordable razor that has ever touched my legs! I have tried quite a few - from the cheap BICs to the more expensive ones, and even the ones designed for men - and have always been sorely disappointed. The Venus Embrace by Gillette is definitely a keeper in this house!

For an entire month, I have been shaving (legs, armpits, and more) with the same cartridge. Usually after one or two shaving sessions, my razor is shot. I'm 6'2", so that's a LOT of shaving to do! Poor razors. :( Luckily, I've found my razor soul-mate in the Venus Embrace. :)

GOOD: The razor comes with a mount for the shower, and inside the mount it holds another cartridge. The cartridges are very easy to open, even with slippery fingers from being in the shower. You just pop the corners in, peel back, and you're ready to go. I shaved for over a month and did not cut myself, nor did the razor go dull. At $8 ($5 with coupon!), this razor is very affordable. The refills are only $13 for 4.

BAD: My partner tried shaving with this same razor, and did not care for it. She said it bends too easily and is hard to shave smaller areas like armpits. I did not experience this problem but I thought it was worth mentioning.

OVERALL: 5 out of 5 stars, hands down! Best. Razor. Ever. :) Affordable, convenient, and long-lasting. Before you go shopping for the Venus Embrace, use google to see if you can find some coupons!

Have you tried this razor? Tell us about it, or let us know what your favorites are!

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Abbyscraftymom said...

I have used this razor as well as the skintuition and found them both to be great razors. I preferred the skintuition for your more um gentle areas lol as it has the shave cream on it and keeps everything soft and smooth but what shocked me beyond all thoughts imaginable was i used my boyfriend cheap kmart brand "Smart Sense" ravor and omg better than they rest. I can get tons of uses its very sharp no nicks rash or cuts and the best part about it is the refills are like $5 for 6 or something crazy like that. Best price best razor downside you can only get it from kmart but that works for me since i live right across the street from one. You gotta try it.