Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I was contacted by Julia from Kyleigh’s Closet about doing a review on a pair of shoes called Pedoodles. I cant say I’ve ever heard of pedoodles before but will definitely be recommending them from now on. They came thru the mail very quickly with updates from the whole time from Julia.
They are the coolest kids shoes ever! They are super soft leather and too cute. The ones she sent were pink with purple flowers. They have one Velcro strap so they are easy for little ones to get on and off. The inside sole is really soft. My daughter said they feel good on her feet. Though they looked really big they weren’t too far off for her. I think that is just because she has big feet lol. The bottom sole is really flexible giving her little feet enough to be able to flex as she walks and also grow with her feet. They look cute on her feet and she absolutely loves them. I'm kinda jealous because I would love a pair for myself. LOL
From their site:
If you were a kid, these would be the shoes you want. Soft, stylish, and durable -- Pedoodles have it all.
Every pair of Pedoodles is constructed of premium, top-grade, genuine leather. This flexible, breathable, natural material helps to promote healthy conditions around developing feet. Our choice of leather also requires very little care or cleaning to maintain its great looks -- something Pedoodles are known for.
Kyleighs Closet is a great little shop. She has new and gently used shoes for little feet! Having two little girls who’s feet grow soo fast its hard to keep the right size shoe in our house. I hate having to buy new shoes especially because they don’t fit for long with growing feet. So here is a great alternative. She sells both boys and girls shoes, some are used some are new. All have a description and a picture to see what you are getting and her shipping rates start at $2.50! Prices on the shoes all depend on the condition of the shoe. She also has a bargain basement section that has more worn shoes but still have life in them that can be used for outdoor play! This is a great way to be green and not buy brand new shoes and just be able to get a slightly worn pair. She has sizes that range from 0-24 months as well as 1-10.

they are super soft and super flexible for growing feet. Great looking shoes, and from what I'm told feel great! No laces so little hands can get their shoes on and off with little problems..


Kyleigh’s Closet is a great little shop that sells new and slightly used shoes. They have a great assortment of shoes for both boys and girls, from newborns to a toddler 10. This is a great way to get shoes without paying a fortune when kids grow so fast and grow out of shoes very quickly.
Go check out her site and give her some FB love. Make sure to let her know 3G sent you J

Want to get your own pair of pedoodles? Enter here for your own pair!! The winner will get their choice of either $5 or 20% off! you know what to do!

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