Friday, April 1, 2011

MademoiselleMermaid Fingerless Gloves

I got a package from Mademoisellemermaid the other day. Of course I couldn’t wait to open it because I could wait to check out the crocheted fingerless gloves she sent me!!! I love them. I don’t know about you, but I hate when my hands get cold, and for me its usually the only thing that gets cold.. I cant wear gloves because then I cant type.. If I do it ends up all messed up and very frustrating. We I came across MademoiselleMermaid and found her fingerless gloves and had to check them out!! I thought what better way to keep my hands warm and still be able to type! I was very right! They are soo cute!! Very nicely crocheted and they even come with a little bow at the bottom. The bottom comes to just above my wrist, so it’s a really nice length. They are very soft and comfortable to wear. I can type away with no interference from them which is great because as you can imagine I do a LOT of typing. They don’t get itchy or anything like some gloves after wearing them for awhile, for that matter I forget that I even have them on. They are super stretchy because they are double stiched crocheted. They come in an assortment of colors too so you can choose your favorite color! The best part they are washable!! You can hand or machine wash in cold on the gentle cycle of course. Just make sure you turn them inside out J. You wouldn’t want to lose the little bow! MademoiselleMermaid has soo many cool things on her sight! You just have to go check them out! From hats to crocheted leg warmers and something for everything in between! She has great little wrist cuffs! Made of lace and beads that you have to check out!!

Do you like Alice in Wonderland? Check out her selection of Alice in Wonderland stuff! Wrist (shown to the right) and ankle cuffs, tanks, chokers and more!!

Pros: They are awsome! They look great and feel great! They keep your hands warm while still allowing you to do things. Great prices and low shipping!

COns: None!

Overall: Great Product for a great price! Great assortment of items that really cool! Great customer service and quick shipping!

Want your own pair of gloves? Enter for your chance to win your choice of color fingerless gloves!! You know what to do!! Extra chances for liking their facebook page and showing them some love!! Also you can follow them on twitter! They also have a blog and thier website as well as an etsy shop you can check out!

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