Monday, April 4, 2011

Sticky Wrapper

I found sticky wrapper on etsy almost by mistake, but what caught my eye and drew me to them was bacon caramels. I LOVE bacon.. I contacted them and it was decided that I would be getting a sampler pack. I was very excited and very curious about trying all of their interesting treats!! When the box arrived I was shocked at just how many Sara had sent me. Her love of candy making got the best of her!! She sent me some of each of her yummy treats both marshmallow and caramels.

I couldn’t help myself and had to try the bacon ones right away! She had sent her bacon salt and chocolate bacon, both caramels. First they were huge, which is awesome! At first taste they taste great. A bit on the greasy side but she uses real bacon, (yes there is actually bacon in the caramel!)so that it to be expected. Don’t get me wrong its not like they are dripping in grease nor do they taste like grease you just notice it on the wrapper. However, I was not crazy about the after taste. I cant even really explain the taste either. It wasn’t bad, it was just not something that I liked. I would say they are worth the try if you like bacon.. I love the concept of the sweet and salty wrapped up in one.

The next one I tried was the lemon and lavender. I really like it subtle hint of flavor, very light, finishing clean. The caramel itself is creamy and like the bacon was big. Actually all of the candies were big pieces, which to someone like me who has a sweet tooth is not a problem.
I also really liked the pineapple upside down cake caramel. Very interesting texture but great taste! This one also creamy with tiny bits of pineapple.. It was very yummy! She also sent me a Nutterbutter one which if you are peanut butter lover definitely try!!

The rest of what she sent me were marshmallows. They were all very yummy.. Huge homemade marshmallows. One was a s`more. It was a marshmallow with graham cracker crumbs, and chocolate chips. Bite down, insta s`more!! The next one was cookies n cream which had Oreo crumb crumbed on top as well as inside. I think that one was my favorite. Maybe not the mocha one I think might have been my fav… it was soo different to have it taste like mocha yet still be the marshmallow texture!! That also goes for the creamcicle great taste of creamcicle with the texture of the marshmallow making me feel like a little kid again!!! Of course my kids absolutely loved them!!

Pros: great little candies! Very different from anything I have ever had.

Cons: Honestly nothing.

The sticky wrapper is a great little candy store. Very unique candies that I highly recommend to anyone who has a sweet tooth! Sara is very sweet and loves her work. She has a great assortment that she didn’t send me. I will definitely be ordering some of her other treats. There are quite a few that just look too yummy not too.. If you like caramels or marshmallow or just have a sweet tooth, go and check out her shop! Also please head over to her facebook page and show her some love!!
Want a sneak peek?? Stay tuned for a giveaway from the sticky wrapper!!!

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