Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Review

I am no stranger when it comes to cosmetics. I love playing with color and trying new looks. As I dont normally wear many accessories I play up my eyes. Some of my favorite name brands are M.A.C, Nars, Urban Decay, Smash Box & Makeup forever. However if you dont have a Sephora nearby you may not know what im talking about. So I decided to give some common drug store brands a shot. I remember Wet N Wild from years and years ago when I was just a teenager and boy have they stepped up their game. The product I'm reviewing this time is their new ColorIcon Eyeshadows.

When applying eyeshadow I always recommend using a primer first. It helps adhere the pigments and prevents creasing. I have used many brands and you normally get what you pay for but those on a budget will be pleased to know that Sephora's brand of eye primer is a pretty good buy. It about $8.00 for a .10fl oz jar but it goes a long way. So after I applied my primer I put on the eyeshadow following the simple directions in back. The colors were suprisingly rich in pigment and applied and blended beautifully. For this review I am using the "Cool As A Cucumber" trio. The pictures dont do it justice they are from my phone.

This is what it looks like. It has a easy to follow design as it is stamped on each color where it goes if you are wanting to use it as is.

I was amazed at the rich color (even though its hard to see here)

Down side is that the lighter color at the top faded out a lot after about 2 hours but in their defense I don't think I primed my whole eye today just my lid. (Don't look at my eyebrows I need to wax lol)

PROS: Its a great shadow with rich color. It applies silky smooth with very little fall out (the dust that falls). It's available at most drugstores and at only $2.99 it's a steal.

CONS: The brushes that come with it suck as all sets do. I recommend using professional brushes. The lighter shades seem to fade out quickly, and if you don't prime first you will probably get creasing and major fading.

OVERALL: This is a great eyeshadow and I was so pleased that I went out and bought 3 more sets. "On Cloud Nine", "I'm Feeling Retro" & "Spoiled Brat" All are beautiful you cant go wrong. Give them a shot I would love to hear what you think.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Micro Tweeze

I have never tweezed or waxed my own eyebrows before, nor have I had the desire to. However, I was getting fed up with paying $10 a pop at the salon! Plus, I was never happy with how they did it, and it HURT! Who in their right mind pays someone $10 every 2 weeks to inflict pain on them? Haha. Lots of us do. :) 

When Christmas rolled around, my girlfriend bought me this Micro Tweeze Microwaveable Wax. I was scared to try it at first, but I was like "Hmm, they're eyebrows, they'll grow back", and off I went to no-tweezing. The first few times I tried it, I just took a little off at a time. Baby steps. :) Now, I'm confident in waxing and like to try new things. My brows grow back fast, so I can take a lot off and in a week or so they will be a full grown uni-brow again.

Anyway, enough rambling. I'm sure you guys are just dying to see up-close pictures of my funky brows! These aren't the best pictures but they'll do. :)




Now, I'm not gonna lie. This is the first time I've taken more than just a little bit off. I didn't do as well as I usually do, but I'm still happy with the overall result. The picture is an odd angle, but they're really not too uneven. :) I like to connect the pieces of wax, so I can pull them all off at once. If you just rub on one strip, then pull off, then another strip, and pull off, it's going to take a while. So once you get used to it, connect the strips of the hot wax and you can pull all at once. :) 

PROS: It also works for removing hair above your lip. Great directions, easy to use, affordable (pays for itself in two uses!), and works really well.

CONS: I'm impatient and when the wax container is full, it takes a few minutes to heat up in the microwave. Once in a while if you don't apply the wax correctly, you will get a few pieces left over. Make sure you use wax-remover to pull them off or wherever they land WILL remove lots of hair.

OVERALL: This product gets a solid 5 out of 5 stars. Couldn't ask for any improvement. 

When reading other reviews online, it says this works for the bikini area as well. You'll have to let me know how that goes, because I'm not attempting it. ;) If you purchase this item, make sure you buy extra sticks to apply the wax with. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

V-Day Giveaway: And the winner isssss...

I'm sorting through the entries and preparing to select the winner, so hang tight. This post will be updated with the winner and pictures of the selection process.

Remember, your entry only counts if you posted to ALL 3 posts.


To select the winner

1. I first created a list of all the eligible entries, including the extra entries for those who referred friends to the contest

2. Then I cut the list up and put the names into a bowl
3. Tied on my blindfold
4. Then selected the winner.

and the winner is...
MARREA!!!! Congratulations! You've won the BIGGEST prize 3 G has given. A huge selection of free items from our favorites shops. *applause* We'll be in touch with you via email to gather your information :)

Thank you to everyone who entered. This was really fun for us and we hope it was fun for you too! If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to shoot us an email at

Thanks again and goodnight!


This is the final entry for the BIG Valentine's Day Giveaway!! For those that have short-term memory loss, and don't feel like scrolling down to the posts from a few hours ago, here's a quick run down!

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HUGE V-Day Giveaway!!!!!!!

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Gillette Venus Embrace: Sadie's Review

When it comes to razors, not all are created equal. I have had my fair share of nicks, cuts, razor burn, and missed patches of hair because of them. I had all but given up when, almost like a sign from the shaving gods, I found a $3 off coupon on the shelf right by the Gillette Venus Embrace Razor! I thought to myself, "$8 for a disposable razor? Well.. with $3 off it makes it $5.. let's go for it!". I placed the coupon in my organizer, and the razor in my cart, and went to the check out line. When I got home, I honestly didn't give the razor a second though for quite a while because I still had some others in the shower.

I finally tried the Venus Embrace and again, from the shaving gods, I heard "HALLELUJAH!"... okay, not quite, but this is by far the best, most affordable razor that has ever touched my legs! I have tried quite a few - from the cheap BICs to the more expensive ones, and even the ones designed for men - and have always been sorely disappointed. The Venus Embrace by Gillette is definitely a keeper in this house!

For an entire month, I have been shaving (legs, armpits, and more) with the same cartridge. Usually after one or two shaving sessions, my razor is shot. I'm 6'2", so that's a LOT of shaving to do! Poor razors. :( Luckily, I've found my razor soul-mate in the Venus Embrace. :)

GOOD: The razor comes with a mount for the shower, and inside the mount it holds another cartridge. The cartridges are very easy to open, even with slippery fingers from being in the shower. You just pop the corners in, peel back, and you're ready to go. I shaved for over a month and did not cut myself, nor did the razor go dull. At $8 ($5 with coupon!), this razor is very affordable. The refills are only $13 for 4.

BAD: My partner tried shaving with this same razor, and did not care for it. She said it bends too easily and is hard to shave smaller areas like armpits. I did not experience this problem but I thought it was worth mentioning.

OVERALL: 5 out of 5 stars, hands down! Best. Razor. Ever. :) Affordable, convenient, and long-lasting. Before you go shopping for the Venus Embrace, use google to see if you can find some coupons!

Have you tried this razor? Tell us about it, or let us know what your favorites are!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kristal's First Review


When 3 Girl's Review's told me that I could start reviewing for them, I had visions of receiving free merchandise and all sorts of awesome treats that I could experiment with and then tell others what I thought. But, of course, you have to build a reputation before people just start sending you stuff! So I started looking around my house, trying to think of what I should review to start. Teething toys? I mean, my daughter did just cut 2 brand new teeth.. but she doesn't really like her teething toys. Our new potty chair that my daughter refuses to sit on? Nah. Oh, I know!! Movies!!.. oh wait, most of those are on VHS and have been around since I was a little girl :)

...And then it came to me. What do I love, more than I love movies, more than I love cute patterned fabrics and hair bows and jewlery? Why, of course, cloth diapers!!! I have an extensive collection, everything from pockets, all in one's, fitteds, even some flats with covers. But my favorites, my all time favorites, are 
Daisy Doodles
Yes, you read that right. Daisy Doodles. What are they?? They are only the most awesome cloth diapers ever made! I have been in this game for a while, and I have yet to find anything that suits so many different types of children, so many situations, so many.. well just about anything I or you can imagine! 
So.. what exactly are Daisy Doodles? They are diapers, of course! Well, we know that, smart ass, but what makes them so wonderful!? Let me tell you:

-Daisy Doodles are All-In-Two's. This means they have a waterproof outer shell, and snap- or lay-in soakers. You don't have to change the whole diaper every time! With a good supply of soakers and just a few shells, you can diaper a child for an entire day! This is really helpful when you, like me, misplace shells or leave them at various other people's houses with no chance of finding them ever again. 

- They are super convenient!  My now 2 1/2 year old daughter has been in Daisy Doodles since she was 5 months old. At the time, I went through a lot of diapers looking for something I liked. Pockets were too messy, All in One's took too long to dry. Fitteds were wet all the time and I didn't see the point of covering up a cute print with a generic cover. When I got my first Daisy Doodle, I wasn't sure I was going to like them. I got three off of Diaperswappers, and I haven't looked back. I loved the ease of snapping in a liner which kept everything neat for putting it on a squirmy butt, and then swapping out liners instead of having to go through a million diaper shells a day! I only had to bring one extra shell and a few liners when we went out instead of 3-4 bulky diapers that took up the whole diaper bag! 

- The sizing is amazing! The 2 1/2 year old is STILL in her Daisy Doodles that I bought over 2 years ago. Unlike a lot of diapers that I have tried, and ones I see on other cloth diapered children, mine don't have a whole lot of extra bulk to them either. They are trim, they have a bikini-like fit, and the snaps are placed in just the right places so that they will fit for a good long time! I have one skinny-legged miss and a chunky munky butt.. and they both fit into these diapers with ease. Plus, with their front AND back elastic, I have never ever ever had a poopy mess that wasn't contained! Even the nastiest *things* my daughters have managed to produce stay contained.. which to me is just amazing! 

As you might be able to tell, we had another baby about a year ago. I had a very small stash of size small diapers when she was born, and only one Daisy Doodle. Needless to say it was the most used diaper in the lot, but she very quickly outgrew it as she got chunky munky. By 4 months she was into a Med. size diaper, and sharing her sister's stash of Daisy Doodles. I love these diapers so much that I had my own fabric (that I bought to make diapers out of but did NOT succeed in doing) shipped out to Christa to make some more of these fantastic diapers. I have more fabric to ship out to her soon too, as I really just can't get enough! I probably have 30, and I still want more! 

Christa, from Daisy Doodles, is a wonderful, considerate, and talented woman. She created the Daisy Doodle pattern herself, and promotes it as the only 100% serged diaper out there. I wish I knew her sewing secrets, but that would probably put her out of a job! She is happy to help with questions, problems, and anything else you might need in relation to making her diapers work fantastically for your family. She even offered to replace the snaps on some of my dipes (free of charge!)  when I was having problems. 
She has a fantastic site designed to show off and sell her diapers: 
be sure to check it out!