Sunday, May 1, 2011

Baby Boutique Hair Bows Review

This review has been a long time coming and I want to apologize to Baby Boutique Hair Bows for the delay. There was some confusion and the bows were not delivered to me, but to a neighbor (2 buildings down, no less), and it took this long to find them.

These bows are by far the best bows I've reviewed. I don't mean this as an insult to any past boutiques :) I just want to stress how amazed I am with them. They're sturdy (I tugged, pushed, pulled, and they didn't come apart), cute (see picture), and just overall great.

Even though they are great, at $17.50 for a set, the price is a bit steep. They're worth every penny, and are super durable so you'll get lots of use out of them, but we all know what prices are like on bows nowadays so the $17.50 just kind of stings. Especially if you have more than one pretty little girl to buy for!

**EDIT** After writing this review, I was contacted by Baby Boutique and they let me know they changed their prices. They are now $14.00 for a set of bows. That's only $7 a piece, so not bad at all. Funny how just a few dollars can change my perception of things. :)

Overall, 3 stars. If they were more in my price range, they'd have a definite 5 star rating. Please check Baby Boutique Hair Bows on Facebook. Watch their page for sales! Bows like this are hard to come by.

Monday, April 25, 2011

RadicalRecycks Review & Giveaway

My son plays electric guitar and well he is 11 so of course he loves bakugan. When i saw these picks i new they would be perfect for him and make him love playing even more. I love that this shop has many uses for recycled items and with earth day just passed what a wounderful time to raise awareness about all the awesome things you can do.
I got a set of 3 guitar picks made from a recycled gift card and wow you would never know. They are very smooth and shaped perfectly. My son loves them. You could also use these in braclets or earings or make it into a necklace, eye chain ect. They are great for so many uses.

Some other things that i love from her shop is this dunkin dounut necklace:(LOVE.LOVE.LOVE)
Starbucks plastic bottle charm bracelet:
And the red hot plastic silverware ring:
There are some other unique creations in here shop you really need to go check it out.

Win a set of New baby picks. These would be soooo cute on a charm bracelet for a new mom or yourself :)
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  4. 5 extra entries for any purchase from her shop
  5. 5 extra entries for any fb or blog post raising awarness about recycling

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Country Club Soaps Review & GIVEAWAY......

Wow where do i start with this amazing review. Judy from country club soaps is a wonderful, sweet person so you know your customer service experience will be nothing but professional. She sent me so many products to review i was in pure haven so lets get started.

Up first was the oatmeal milk & honey lotion made with goats milk. The smell is a very neutral smell and its not to strong. It absorbed great on my oily skin and even felt like silk. The after feel is not greasy or oily at all in fact its more like a powder. I love this lotion and she also offers it in other fragrances if om&h isn't your thing.
Next up i found the candle in my box of yumminess. It immediately filled the room with "coffee cake & spice". The only thing i was not excited about is it produced a lot of black smoke and the wick mushrooms so just keep an eye on it and trim the wick often.
My favorite thing of all was the variety of bath bombs she sent me. I could smell these through the box and couldn't wait for all the soothing bath ahead of me. I got: starfruit & mango, peach magnolia raspberry, hardwood musk, cactus & sea salt, and stress relief. It would be so hard to pick a fav so my top 3 are hardwood musk, peach magnolia raspberry & stress relief. She also sent a few of here mini bath bombs and they were just as lovely as the full size. These are packed with skin loving oils and butters. I could feel silk on my skin as soon as i stepped in. It didn't leave my tub oily or dangerously slick and no ring around the tub. The rinse clean and still leave your skin touchably soft. Your seriously gonna keep touching your skin.
Last but not least i got some really cute peep soap. I broke this in half so each of my kids could have one and they were soooo happy. It smells sweet and perfect for kids and the glitter was a perfect touch.
So all in all i can honestly say you wont go wrong with any thing you purchase from this shop. They really know what your skin needs and the deliver it 100%. I could go on and on about all the cute, unique and wonderful items they have but here are just a few i have my eye on:

Country Club Soaps is offering our readers 10% off their orders over $10 just use code 3Girls

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chicken and Rice Crock Pot Meal

Ok I know we don’t usually do recipes, but I figured I would share this review of a recipe that I have recently tried. Its quite simple and comes from the same book that my Simply Delicious Pork recipe came out of. This one was of chicken and rice, probably two of my most favorite things to eat.

This one was an easy peasy recipe that was quick to prepare and tasted great. I love crock pot meals because its basically a fix it and forget it meal. If you’re a busy mom or a working mom they are a great way to be able to fix it up in the am and by the time you get home from work its ready to eat!

The Recipe:

1 lbs of chicken

3 cans of cream of chicken soup

2 cups of rice

1 cup of water

Dried celery

Salt and pepper

Add rice, soup and water to crock pot and mix. Add chicken sprinkle dried celery and salt and pepper to taste. Cook 3-4 hours on high or 6-8 hours on low

I did not have dried celery so I used celery seed. It was still good. I used tenderloins just because that is usually what I have in the freezer. I also added a tiny bit of shredded cheddar. The chicken is super tender, so much so when I tried to cut it, it was more like shredding it. The rice of course is completely cooked.

There are a few things I would change with this recipe the next time I do it. 1. I would use cans of cheddar cheese soup, although the chicken soup was good everything is better with cheese! 2. It needs something crunchy. Maybe Chinese noodles or like fritos… Something… not to say it isn’t good as is but…

Pros: It tasted great, it was quick, it was easy, it was lo-cal. It was enough to make 6-8 servings making each serving between 328-246 calories!! (according to Its cheap! $.79 per can for the cream of chicken soup, rice varies depending on the size and same with the chicken.. Rice is usually something I have on hand as well as chicken. So its usually just the soup I have to grab.

Cons: someone may have texture issues being it is a bit mushy.

Overall: it’s a great little dish. It can be changed in the easiest ways to make it to your tastes. For example you could use cans of cheddar cheese and cans of cream of broccoli, throw in some shredded cheese and some broccoli and you have a chicken, broccoli and cheese dinner. Or use cream of mushroom and throw in some mushrooms, the possibilities are pretty much endless. Get creative!! You don’t have to worry about burning it because its in the crock pot.

Happy Dining!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Body Luxe

I was excited to get my little package from body luxe because they are a local company for me here in NY. It came in a very pretty little bag. The Serenity body butter that I got was in their signature blue container. It was super creamy . Putting it on did not leave my skin feeling greasy but soft and silky.. Although it was a bit too perfume-y in the container for my liking, it wasn’t on my skin, which I was happy about, ending up being really light and clean. I would definitely buy it again because I really like how it makes my skin feel. I put it on after every shower.

From their site:
Serenity:::: Classic sandalwood with jasmine, cedar wood, gardenia & musk for a grounded,balanced & relaxing scent.

The next thing they sent that I tried was their Minx essential oil perfume. At first smell I was a little skeptical, as it was a stronger smell and smelled something along the lines of the sandalwood but once I put it on it smelled great! A soft kind of citrus-y smell which makes sense because it is made with the scent of orange blossoms. I really like it and use it just about every day. It comes in a little roller container so it can ride along in your purse with no spilling. It comes out smooth and doesn’t drip or run once its on. The smell dissipates over time and if you were out and about would probably need to reapply after awhile but its worth it.
From their site:

Minx::: Sultry, intoxicating and seductive. A smoldering blend of Neroli, Sandalwood, Musk, Bergamot and Orange Blossom.

The last thing that they sent me was bath salts. The scent is Provence. It smells great. Unfortunately I have not had the chance to take bath, which is usually the case, but I very much look forward to taking a nice long bath.. Their bath salts are made from both sea salts, including dead sea salts and dendritic sea salts, and Epsom salts, grape seed and essential oils and dried flowers.

Pro: great prices, a great variety, customizable, great customer service, great looking products

the initial smell of their body butters/essential oil perfumes may be a bit strong for some but they end very soft and light.

Overall: Body Luxe is a great little company. They offer a great assortment of scents that they can add to their products. They also offer great little sampler sets that can be customized to the scent you want. Their products look great and leave your body feeling silky smooth, your senses calm, and you smelling great! I would definitely recommend trying them out! Cant decide on just one scent or one product? Its ok they got you covered with their sampler sets!

Want to try Body Luxe yourself?? Go check out their site, and give them some love! Let them know that 3G sent you! Contest will run till the 29th! Good luck everyone!!
Be sure to check out her sister site, Kasia Blue for some great handmade jewelry!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

SoAppealing Review its Robyn back in action. My computers both crashed on me only to find out it was a router issue so I'm back up and running and i just want to say i missed you guys so much. I love my position here at 3G and our readers are the BEST.

Anyway now its time to get down to the reviews. I purchased some eyeshadow samples from SoAppealing on etsy. I thought it would be fun to just give them my skin/hair/eye color and let them surprise me. I got 2 collections. The first one is "Character & Charisma". It contains a vibrant blue, grassy green, and a brownish red (mauve). I love the blue and the green the mauve is nice in the crease as a accent color but not as a lid color on my fair skin. But all 3 colors were great and i loved playing with them.

The next collection i got was "Beautifully Basic" and it really is beautiful. I love love love these 3 colors. together or separate you cant lose. They work wonderful on my skin tone and i really think they will work for everyone. I'm down to the last few minerals in my sample bags and i definitely have to get more. These are my go to everyday colors.
The shipping is very fast and the customer service is wonderful. You get 3 samples for about $1.65 shipped so that was very reasonable. They do come in little baggies and those of you that have been following my make up reviews know how i feel about them but aside from that i love them in every way.
Please take a few minutes to stop by SoAppealing and let them know 3G sent you. While you are there check out some of their other unique items such as bath teas, oils, and salts.

Good:You get a generous amount as a sample, great customer service, nicely pigmented, great silky texture, fast cheap shipping, affordable.

Bad: samples come in baggies but we all know that's to save on shipping so its not so bad :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I was contacted by Julia from Kyleigh’s Closet about doing a review on a pair of shoes called Pedoodles. I cant say I’ve ever heard of pedoodles before but will definitely be recommending them from now on. They came thru the mail very quickly with updates from the whole time from Julia.
They are the coolest kids shoes ever! They are super soft leather and too cute. The ones she sent were pink with purple flowers. They have one Velcro strap so they are easy for little ones to get on and off. The inside sole is really soft. My daughter said they feel good on her feet. Though they looked really big they weren’t too far off for her. I think that is just because she has big feet lol. The bottom sole is really flexible giving her little feet enough to be able to flex as she walks and also grow with her feet. They look cute on her feet and she absolutely loves them. I'm kinda jealous because I would love a pair for myself. LOL
From their site:
If you were a kid, these would be the shoes you want. Soft, stylish, and durable -- Pedoodles have it all.
Every pair of Pedoodles is constructed of premium, top-grade, genuine leather. This flexible, breathable, natural material helps to promote healthy conditions around developing feet. Our choice of leather also requires very little care or cleaning to maintain its great looks -- something Pedoodles are known for.
Kyleighs Closet is a great little shop. She has new and gently used shoes for little feet! Having two little girls who’s feet grow soo fast its hard to keep the right size shoe in our house. I hate having to buy new shoes especially because they don’t fit for long with growing feet. So here is a great alternative. She sells both boys and girls shoes, some are used some are new. All have a description and a picture to see what you are getting and her shipping rates start at $2.50! Prices on the shoes all depend on the condition of the shoe. She also has a bargain basement section that has more worn shoes but still have life in them that can be used for outdoor play! This is a great way to be green and not buy brand new shoes and just be able to get a slightly worn pair. She has sizes that range from 0-24 months as well as 1-10.

they are super soft and super flexible for growing feet. Great looking shoes, and from what I'm told feel great! No laces so little hands can get their shoes on and off with little problems..


Kyleigh’s Closet is a great little shop that sells new and slightly used shoes. They have a great assortment of shoes for both boys and girls, from newborns to a toddler 10. This is a great way to get shoes without paying a fortune when kids grow so fast and grow out of shoes very quickly.
Go check out her site and give her some FB love. Make sure to let her know 3G sent you J

Want to get your own pair of pedoodles? Enter here for your own pair!! The winner will get their choice of either $5 or 20% off! you know what to do!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gorgeous Wine Glasses Giveaway!

Hey all! Remember my review on the Gorgeous Wine Glasses?? If not go back and give it a look! Do you want your very own set of glasses?? Here is your chance! John at Gorgeous Wine Glasses has graciously offered a set of thier Afterglow Flutes to one lucky winner!!! So you know what to do.. go give them some love, check out thier site and come back to tell us so that you can be entered in to wine this gorgeous set of flutes!! We wil let it run till the 15th.. Give something back on tax day when soo many people ususally have to pay :)
here is what you will be winning:

The Afterglow Glassware Collection is a tribute to clean, colorless crystal. The Afterglow Collection features an elegant etched pattern. After the glass form is created from molten glass by an artisan, it is then allowed to cool. Then the matte finish at the bottom of each piece is created when the glass is dipped into an acidic substance causing the glass to be "frosted" yet smooth. Each individual piece then goes on to etching stations where craftsmen etch the lined pattern into each piece of glassware. Pieces include: Candle Cone, Champagne Flute, Halo Flute, Martini Glass, and Vase.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sticky Wrapper

I found sticky wrapper on etsy almost by mistake, but what caught my eye and drew me to them was bacon caramels. I LOVE bacon.. I contacted them and it was decided that I would be getting a sampler pack. I was very excited and very curious about trying all of their interesting treats!! When the box arrived I was shocked at just how many Sara had sent me. Her love of candy making got the best of her!! She sent me some of each of her yummy treats both marshmallow and caramels.

I couldn’t help myself and had to try the bacon ones right away! She had sent her bacon salt and chocolate bacon, both caramels. First they were huge, which is awesome! At first taste they taste great. A bit on the greasy side but she uses real bacon, (yes there is actually bacon in the caramel!)so that it to be expected. Don’t get me wrong its not like they are dripping in grease nor do they taste like grease you just notice it on the wrapper. However, I was not crazy about the after taste. I cant even really explain the taste either. It wasn’t bad, it was just not something that I liked. I would say they are worth the try if you like bacon.. I love the concept of the sweet and salty wrapped up in one.

The next one I tried was the lemon and lavender. I really like it subtle hint of flavor, very light, finishing clean. The caramel itself is creamy and like the bacon was big. Actually all of the candies were big pieces, which to someone like me who has a sweet tooth is not a problem.
I also really liked the pineapple upside down cake caramel. Very interesting texture but great taste! This one also creamy with tiny bits of pineapple.. It was very yummy! She also sent me a Nutterbutter one which if you are peanut butter lover definitely try!!

The rest of what she sent me were marshmallows. They were all very yummy.. Huge homemade marshmallows. One was a s`more. It was a marshmallow with graham cracker crumbs, and chocolate chips. Bite down, insta s`more!! The next one was cookies n cream which had Oreo crumb crumbed on top as well as inside. I think that one was my favorite. Maybe not the mocha one I think might have been my fav… it was soo different to have it taste like mocha yet still be the marshmallow texture!! That also goes for the creamcicle great taste of creamcicle with the texture of the marshmallow making me feel like a little kid again!!! Of course my kids absolutely loved them!!

Pros: great little candies! Very different from anything I have ever had.

Cons: Honestly nothing.

The sticky wrapper is a great little candy store. Very unique candies that I highly recommend to anyone who has a sweet tooth! Sara is very sweet and loves her work. She has a great assortment that she didn’t send me. I will definitely be ordering some of her other treats. There are quite a few that just look too yummy not too.. If you like caramels or marshmallow or just have a sweet tooth, go and check out her shop! Also please head over to her facebook page and show her some love!!
Want a sneak peek?? Stay tuned for a giveaway from the sticky wrapper!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fat Foam Hair Color

Sorry it's taken me so long to write about the Fat Foam hair dye I used FOREVER ago!! I just wanted to let everyone know it works wonderfully, is affordable, and the color sticks for a LONG time in your hair! You can get it at Wal-Mart for under 10 bucks. Much easier to use than the regular stuff where you have to pour bottle 1 into bottle 2 and then into bottle 3 or whatever.

Also a quick update, I am donating to the American Red Cross next week based on the # of followers we had yesterday (198) and the # of followers I had on my personal blog yesterday (226).

Robyn's computer is broken so the giveaways she is working on have been put on hold. I will be drawing winners tomorrow for them probably.

There are a few giveaways going on (one right underneath this post), so be sure to check them out. :)

Thanks for all your help and support!!


MademoiselleMermaid Fingerless Gloves

I got a package from Mademoisellemermaid the other day. Of course I couldn’t wait to open it because I could wait to check out the crocheted fingerless gloves she sent me!!! I love them. I don’t know about you, but I hate when my hands get cold, and for me its usually the only thing that gets cold.. I cant wear gloves because then I cant type.. If I do it ends up all messed up and very frustrating. We I came across MademoiselleMermaid and found her fingerless gloves and had to check them out!! I thought what better way to keep my hands warm and still be able to type! I was very right! They are soo cute!! Very nicely crocheted and they even come with a little bow at the bottom. The bottom comes to just above my wrist, so it’s a really nice length. They are very soft and comfortable to wear. I can type away with no interference from them which is great because as you can imagine I do a LOT of typing. They don’t get itchy or anything like some gloves after wearing them for awhile, for that matter I forget that I even have them on. They are super stretchy because they are double stiched crocheted. They come in an assortment of colors too so you can choose your favorite color! The best part they are washable!! You can hand or machine wash in cold on the gentle cycle of course. Just make sure you turn them inside out J. You wouldn’t want to lose the little bow! MademoiselleMermaid has soo many cool things on her sight! You just have to go check them out! From hats to crocheted leg warmers and something for everything in between! She has great little wrist cuffs! Made of lace and beads that you have to check out!!

Do you like Alice in Wonderland? Check out her selection of Alice in Wonderland stuff! Wrist (shown to the right) and ankle cuffs, tanks, chokers and more!!

Pros: They are awsome! They look great and feel great! They keep your hands warm while still allowing you to do things. Great prices and low shipping!

COns: None!

Overall: Great Product for a great price! Great assortment of items that really cool! Great customer service and quick shipping!

Want your own pair of gloves? Enter for your chance to win your choice of color fingerless gloves!! You know what to do!! Extra chances for liking their facebook page and showing them some love!! Also you can follow them on twitter! They also have a blog and thier website as well as an etsy shop you can check out!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gellite Candle Company

I received the package from Gellite Candle company and was really surprised at what was packed inside.. Normally I think of candles I think of either something like the wickless candles that need a burner or a something solid such as soy, regular bees wax or your run of the mill wax, but That was not the case here. While the containers that contained the candles were of course solid, glass, the candles themselves were not… they are kind of like Jell-O!! Very interesting.. I couldn’t help but want to touch it..

In my package I received 3 different types of candles.. One in a very nice crystal wine glass in the smell of Merlot.. It had a very sweet smell that I know I have smelled before but couldn’t quite place.. It was very good though..

The second candle I received was in a little glass urn and along with the Jell-O type substance was shells and sand!! It is sooo pretty, almost too pretty to burn. I can definitely see someone just keeping it as decoration and not burning it!! This one was blue making it look like it was underwater and the smell reminds me of sitting on the beach having the breeze blow up over me, the scent being Bay Breeze.

The last one definitely my favorite smell is coconut lime verbena. I absolutely love the smell!! Reminds me of my cruise vacation and summer… These came in little tea lights. These also were squishy as my oldest says. They all have bubbles with in the gel giving them a very unique look.

They came very well packaged in bubble wrap as well as packing peanuts. Their website is very easy to maneuver, having the option to either shop by scent, price, or type of glass you want you candle to come in. They have some fun containers including a beer mug, martini glass, wine glass, and coffee mug! They have sizes from tea lights and tarts to 26 oz jars. They also suggest making your own scent by using one scent of tea light and a different scent tart! I have to admit I will be most likely ordering more from them, I have a few combinations in mind that I would love to try out!
Just a little info on Gellite Candles, they are made here in the good Ol’ US of A! Gel candles burn 3-5 times longer than regular wax candles. The gel is made with mineral oil with polymers added to maintain their stiffness. Their wicks is lead free and it’s a cotton wick with a zinc core.
The 9oz shell urn jar will burn for approximately 75 hours and retails for $16.97, their 10oz wine glass will burn for approximately 85 hours and retails for $15. 97, and the tea lights will burn 8-10 hours each and retail for $6.97. These are not bad prices considering they do burn slow.
Gellite Candles are a full service candle company who offers not only retail sales but also wholesale, custom fillings and best of all fundraising!! Do you have a group that needs a fundraising idea?? Contact Gellite Candles and I know they would be very happy help you!!
Please head over to to see their great stuff! Also make sure to friend them on face book to be sure you get their latest specials and send them some fb love!!! Make sure to tell them that 3G sent you!

Pros: They are really cool! They are soo unique and so different from any other candle I have seen. They have a great scent and look beautiful while they are burning. They have a great selection of both scents and holders.
Con: although they have a great scent, but if you are burning them in a larger room they dont seem to permiate the whole area.

Overall: These are great unique candles, that have great scent. They burn long and clean and make a beautiful addition to any room. I will definately be ordering from them again! They are a great business that offers both options for your home as well as for your group as a fundraiser. They offer a great variety in both scent and look!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just Pure Minerals

I ordered some samples from just pure minerals and was floored by how wonderful they are. First i love how they package them in clam shells as i hate baggies. The sample pack was only $2.00 and you got to pick 4 samples. You get a substantial amount at 1g for shadows and correctors and 3g for lip gloss. I picked a mint corrector, 24k gold shadow, bohemian chic shadow & she let me get a romance lip gloss sample.

The mint corrector is very green so it really helps tone down redness just make sure you blend well with a concealer brush and then use your foundation or powder and you cant see the green. A little of this goes a very long way.
The romance lip gloss is so creamy, not sticky like most gloss and has a beautiful sheer shimmer. Its also minty. And if you need another reason buy it 100% of the proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research.
I use alot of gold eyeshadow i think they are great for all eye colors and skin types and pair nicely with blues and greens. When i saw 24k it spoke to me. buy me you know you want to. So of course i had to. It is so shimmery and bright and beautiful its like a little pot of gold. You have to have this as a staple in your makeup case.
And since i just said how wonderful gold pairs with green i knew i needed to give bohemian chic a chance. Its so beautiful it will knock your socks off. It a earthy green with a lot of gold highlights.
The shipping was super fast and when you buy the sampler you get free shipping so there's no reason not to give "Just Pure Minerals" a chance. If you have never tried lose minerals before they are a  whole new ball game but they are so worth it. The colors are vivid and easy to blend and the shimmer is great for a night look. Check them out and tell the 3G sent you. I know I have my eye on several more colors.

GOOD: You can get samples before you commit to a full size. They are vegan and cruelty free. Affordable and beautiful. Comparable to high end brands.

BAD: There is fall out but you will get that with any lose minerals so really theres nothing bad :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Waxing Poetic GIVEAWAY!!

Soy Candles at their best!! I have a big house and its rare that I can find a candle that will permeate the whole house. I ve been burning my candles lately on the mantle in my front entry way due to my kitchen being remodeled. I have burned two of Waxing Poetic’s candles so far and they fill my whole huge house. Waxing Poetic have three different lines, elemental, classic and country. I have burned the classic and the country scents. The country scent was wine country LOVE it.. It had a sweet scent, a smell that I could not put my finger on as to what it reminded me of. The smell lasted for a LONG time. Every time I went into a different room it would make it smell stronger not that I couldn’t smell it sitting in one room. The classic line candle was Lavender Haze.. It came in a cute little tin. The smell again was very strong and such a great smell. I say strong but not in any way a bad thing. It penetrated the whole house and lasted the whole time the candle was lit.
The elemental candle unfortunately was broken in transit, so I have not yet had a chance to burn it. I’m really anxious to burn it though because it has a cedar wick. This is something I have never seen before. From their site: WP “Elemental” candles bring you the inspiring scents of nature, spas, and aromatherapy all wrapped up in a beautiful design showcasing the harmony between man (or woman!) and nature. The organic wood wick creates a quick wax melt for faster fragrance. And since wood doesn’t absorb wax for fuel as a traditional wick does, the burn time can be significantly increased. All the clean burning benefits of a natural soy candle, with the exciting addition of a wooden wick to add the element of a cozy, crackling fire without any ash, smoke or soot. Scent out loud? It’s elemental. They even have an elemental candle Fire scent! I can only imagine it must be just like having a fire burning, both by smell and sound! You bet once I am able I will be getting that one!! Although I have a feeling I will find myself buying from them time and time again.

You may ask where does the poetic of the name Waxing poetic come from?? Well the candles have small little poems written on the labels! This one being on my Lavender Haze candle: “This passion I have is not simply a phase ‘cause it makes me feel good and sure cures my malaise; when summer comes ‘round and the air is ablaze with the sweet heavy scent of a lavender haze.” They have the best names for their candles, A Pirates Life, I Screamsicle, and March’s scent of the month, Grassy Ass! They do a scent of the month which is 25% and free shipping!! Also all orders made in the month get a 2oz sampler of the smell of the month!! Cant beat that! Not only candles but they do have tarts and room spray! And they have tart warmers and warming plates!! Do you feel guilty buying candles?? If you buy them as often as I do you may, but I don’t have to buying from Waxing Poetic! They donate 10% of their proceeds to charity!! Guilt free candles!! Also they have a reward points program. For every candle you buy you get points!! Gather your points and get some great stuff!! I really could go on and on!

Pros: Clean soy candles. Great scents, they donate to charity, their candles have not only staying power but are strong scented.

Cons: The only thing I could possible say negative about this company is their shipping price. For me though its still worth the price, and not something that would deter me from buying from them again and again.

Over all: a great candle company! Great smelling, potent candles. Great assortment of scents, unique, cedar wicks, and they give back to charity! How can you not go wrong!! Just for the record, I already have an order in and am expecting it in the next few days! Yea I liked them that much!

You can check out all of thier awsome stuff on thier site at Waxing Poetic and please Go show them some FB love!! Want to try out all their greatness?? Here's your chance! Waxing Poetic is giving away a $25 gift cert to their shop!! You know how it works! Giveaway goes till April 8th so get your entries in!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gorgeous Wine Glasses

I received a package the other day from a company called Gorgeous Wine Glasses. In my package I received four absolutely beautiful champagne flutes. The glasses are hand painted as well as etched. A blurb From their site

“We specialize in fine imported Romanian wine glasses, glass bud vases, a wine and whiskey decanter as well as a variety of other unique crystal items! Each piece in this line of mouth-blown and hand-decorated crystal is produced individually in Europe at the Cristiro factory in Bistrita, BN, Transylvania, Romania. You'll find exquisite, hand etched and hand painted crystal products ranging from flute glassware to a hand blown glass martini pitcher and everything in between.”

Their glassware is absolutely stunning. The pictures do absolutely no justice to the actual glasses. The crystal sparkles under any light and the painting is beautiful. The flutes that I received were from their Bacchus collection. They are hand painted and absolutely stunning.. I cant seem to say that enough, but there really is no other adjective to explain them except stunning!!

They have many different collections and have not only glasses, but decanters, candle holders, plates, and vases. Being that they are all hand painted no two glasses are exactly alike. You must go check out the painted castle vases!! Soo pretty! They are on the pricey side but once you see them you will understand why and realize for the craftsmanship and the quality explains the price. You definitely get what you pay for!!!! You can get an entire glass wares set including dishes.. They have regular drinking glasses..
They do wash well but I would never put them in the dishwasher.. Only washing them by hand. I would be heart broken if they were to break. If you are looking for a beautiful, unique set of glassware I would highly, highly recommend them.

Pro: Beautiful glasses, they sparkle A LOT, very unique designs.
Con: nothing
Overall: as the name says gorgeous glasses. If you really want a full set of glassware that all match check them out!! They are both painted and etched. You will love them as much as I do!! Check them out on facebook and give them some love tell them that 3g sent you, or you can visit their website at Gorgeous Wine Glasses..

Also, stay tuned for a giveaway from them!! get your very own beautiful glasses!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Candy's Sweet Treats & GIVEAWAY

Candy's Sweet Treats is a ROCKIN etsy shop. They mainly sell eyeshadows/cosmetics but they also have scrubs, lip balm, soap, & yummy smellies. I got 2 lip scrubs and some eyeshadow samples so on to the review.

First I want to talk about the lip scrubs. When these arrived i was so excited to try them. They were packed to the rim, so no skimpy products here. I got mud pie & sugar cake. They both had a sweet taste that i expected but the smell was just that of oils. My whole family sampled these since its supposed to be the end of winter and we all suffer from chapped lips. My boy toy and my son really liked the mud pie and said it had a great flavor and they liked that it looked like mud. It made them feel like they were using a mans product. Men lol.

My daughter really liked the sugar cakes because of the the pink sugar crystals. She is all diva with a little princess thrown in. My experience with the lip scrubs was good as well but a little to abrasive for my lips. I didn't give up on it though i kept using it and experimenting with it to see how i could tolerate the large sugar granules, and what works for me is warm water mixed with some scrub to get a softer slushy mix by melting some of the sugar. Doing it this way works great. You still have all the benefits of the scrubbing action just toned way down.

Candy was sweet enough to include some of her wonderful eyeshadows. I received "attention whore", "virgin ears", & "tango down". The generous samples came in the standard zip lock baggies which I'm not a fan of but totally get why many companies do it. I always use a primer on my eyes before applying pigments so my results may vary from yours if your not priming. Each of the shades she sent me were great. They had tons of shimmer and applied very smooth and blended great. There was a lot of fall out but that is common with loose mineral make up so i just make sure i do eyes first then clean up the fall out and then do my foundation or else you will wind up with glitter and shimmer everywhere. And unless your going out clubbing or to a rave or something its not a desired effect.

GOOD: the eyeshadows are great, they have good pigment, vibrant from what i can tell of the shades she sent me, and the scrubs are yummy.

NOT SO GOOD: for me the lip scrubs were to abrasive but by melting it down in to a soft slush it worked much better for me.

There you have it. I highly recommend you stop by and take a look at her shop. I love the names of her eyeshadows and smellies. From emailing back and forth i can tell you she is a awesome chick. You wont be disappointed. You can find her etsy shop HERE and she is rockin out facebook  HERE

Wait there's more......................
GIVEAWAY DETAILS: Winner will receive the "Joan Jett Rock n Roll" collection & a full size "Foiling Jazz" primer. ENDS 4/1/11

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Friday, March 25, 2011

GIVEAWAY! Piece of Pisces

"Wow this stuff is way better than the store bought crap!" -- That is what my partner said when trying the soaps from Piece of Pisces. If you are into store bought soap, please do yourself a favor and STOP! :) No matter how good it is, cold process all natural vegan soap is better. I promise!

Unlike other soaps I've tried, these are pretty much unscented. If you try hard enough, you can tell the difference in the soaps, but these are all very natural. Their line is all vegan, kosher, and halil, including these amazing Brickman Soaps (look familiar?).

Brickman Mini Soaps Set of 12. - Pick Your Colors and Scents

A shop after my own heart! During the month of March, all profits from Asian Fixation will be donated to the Red Cross for Japan's relief efforts.

Japan Relief Donation - Asian Fixation - Green Tea and Lemon Cold Processed Soap - 5 oz

These look like they smell absolutely delicious!

Smooth and Sweet - 12 Cherry and Strawberry Solid Sugar Scrub - Vegan - Design your own

And check out this great deal -- all the soaps they can cram into a box for $15! Wow!

From their shop:

As always, we want to save you money. Choose several auctions, and we'll combine them into 1 box, to save you some cash, and the planet some green too

The real deal -- I love the look and feel of these soaps. They left my hands feeling renewed, and oh-so-soft. I wish we had a guest bathroom so we could display them all, but our kitchen and (only) bathroom will have to do for now. Piece of Pisces makes the types of soaps you'd expect to see at a Renaissance Festival. I love them. If you like unscented (or lightly scented) vegan friendly soaps, these are for you.

Win a bar of their newest scents! Up for grabs: Irish Barmaid (Guiness and Oatmeal), Asian Fixation (Gree Tea and Lemon), and Cool Licks (Mint Chocolate Swirl).

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Giveaway ends 4/4/11