Tuesday, December 7, 2010

First Annual 7 Days of Giveaways: Day 5! POST HERE

Good evening everyone! If you participated in yesterdays giveaway, tonight's will be pretty much the same. If you are just joining us for the first time, here are the rules:

Comment on this post to be entered into the drawing (question below in bold red). 
Only one comment per person. 
NO SPAM! (advertising your business/links/products etc) 
Winner will be chosen at random by Random.org and posted the following morning.
Game starts at 8pm central. You have until 9pm central to reply. The contest will be closed PROMPTLY at 9pm!

That's it! Pretty simple, right?

The prize for tonight is Cheetah print Baby Ballerina Slippers, size 0-12 months & a pair of Pink and Black Zebra bows from Totally Tutus.

Tonight's question is: are you traveling for the holidays this year? If so, what are some of your must have travel accessories that make the trip easier to bare? A certain pillow for the plane? A special game for the kids? If not, tell a little about what your plans are at home.


Momma*of*5 said...

We just travel locally nowhere very far, the farthest we travel is about 45 minutes. The kids always take their blanket and their bear they get on christmas eve and that is it!

alwayssmiles2002 said...

We bring books and the portable DVD player with movies to watch on the ways.

Anonymous said...

no staying in town and going to the in laws

Malisa Phillips Photography said...

We're going to cali and it's a long trip from Texas...so my son's Leapster is a must!!!

Holly said...

Christmas Eve is with my Dad and his family, about 1:15 away. The kids are used to the drive and they just each bring a snuggle buddy (they are 1 and 3). We have to have water and a snack for the 3 year old or he gets car sick. We mostly just talk and sing in the car. Christmas is with my SIL and her husband, and my mom, only about :40 minutes away.

athompson said...

we arent really traveling this year we are gonna stay in town all of my hasbands family lives here. we both come from divorced families so there are a lot of christmas to attend. so we auctully go a lot of miles just never leave town. if i did travel we wouldve gone to california where my family lives and books and ipods are a must for the kids!!

Robyn said...

we're not able to travel this year since hubby has to go "on call" at work Christmas morning... Its our daughter's first Christmas so we hope to just be able to celebrate and be together and enjoy the day :) fingers crossed no one has to call him out that morning.

Tabitha said...

We are not leaving this year but when we do we drive and take lots of books and movies

Ashley Jackson said...

Now closed!

Thank you for participating. Winner announced in the morning.