Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Guest Review: Robyn's DSi Review

First I would like to say I am honored to be a featured review. My name is Robyn, I’m a mother and business owner. My company, Abigail's Boutique Designs, has been reviewed here by the lovely Sadie and Jenelle.

On to the review. My son received the new Nintendo Dsi for Christmas & retiring his old ds lite to his sister. The new Dsi is very similar to the lite version but has some very nice upgrades. It has 2 cameras that are 3 mega pixels and the take a decent photo in good light. You can alter the pics with funny borders or distort the pics with 11 different lens options (one of my son's favorite features). It also has a sound recorder that you can do some fun stuff with.

The new start up menu includes system settings, game card, camera, sound, shop, download play, picto chat, and downloaded games. You do have to purchase points to use in the shop for games, music, ect. But once you purchase a browser you can surf the web. There is also a neat feature to upload your pics to facebook. You can play music on the Dsi but it will only work with AAC files so all the mp3 files you have will have to be converted with itunes or some other music editor.

A few other specs are : 
-no longer plays gameboy advance games 
-thinner making it more comfortable to grip
-replaceable battery
-removable storage device
-matte finish
-only works with Dsi charging cable

GOOD: Cost is about the same as a ds lite. Has more features to keep you busy. Great resale value. Since it has the Dsi shop you can download games straight to it so you don’t have to worry about the kids losing them.

BAD: Can only play downloaded games that are on the system so when its full you have to swap out games on cards. 

OVERALL: I would say if you're in the market for a portable game system this is a great option. However if you're upgrading a smaller child from the lite I don’t think it is worth shelling out another $169 for options that are somewhat difficult to maneuver.

Robyn is a mother and business owner and we are pleased to have her as one of our guest reviewers! Please check out her shop at this link, and let her know what you thought of her review by leaving comments below! :)

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