Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Monkey Fuzz Reusable Tea Bags: Ashley's Review

''Love, Hope, Joy" Cup Size Tea Bag Set-$5
I spotted these unique and adorable reusable teabags while browsing Etsy. They're designed by Monkey Fuzz and feature little metal charms on the end, instead of paper tabs like traditional tea bags. They're made from a net-type material that might be tulle, but don't quote me on that and are the perfect size for a cup of tea. She sent me three charmed cup-sized bags (set of 3 pictured above, $5) as well as a mug-sized bag and a teapot sized bag ($5). Bonus! She also sent some delicious mint tea for me to try :)

I love tea! In fact, I drink at least 2 cups a day and love all varieties. My favorite is herbal teas (depending on what I need it for it could be mint, ginger, chamomile, echinacea or any combination of wonderful herbs). Lately I've been using pre-bagged teas, but was eager to get back to brewing fresh loose tea. Now I have the opportunity to do so conveniently and with eco-friendly reusable bags!

I've only used the mug sized tea bag so far (need a smaller cup for the cup-sized bags and I don't have a teapot to use that size bag on just yet). The bag did very well in preventing any of the tea leaves from floating into the water, while still allowing for the tea to properly brew. It was easy to use (put the tea in and pull the drawstring to close) and looked decorative in my mug. Additionally, since these are reusable fabric bags, I can simply use a bit of soap and warm water to clean them if necessary. They're definitely a treat to use.

Good: They're reusable, which makes them much more environmentally friendly than conventional tea bags. They're decorative so they look pretty sitting in your mug. They're also washable, easy to use, and her customer service was great. The other items in her shop are just as adorable, so I can't wait to shop some more! She even makes Upcycled Wool Squeaky Dog Bone, $14 and Upcycled Reusable shopping Bags, $5.95 Everything is also affordable. All in all, I enjoy using them and will continue to do so.

Bad: My only concern at this point is how the smaller cup-sized bags are designed. They don't have a drawstring feature like the others to allow the bag to be closed completely when in use, however the opening is fairly small. I haven't used them yet, but my concern is that once in the water some of the tea might float out of the opening. We'll see if that actually happens when I use it though.

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Monkey Fuzz said...

Thank you for your review 3 girls! I worked hard on the tea bags and am glad you enjoyed them.
The mesh fabric that you are concerned about does let fine particles through. It's just one of those things. When I tested them, it was so minor that I decided to leave them the way they were. However, if you prefer the drawstring mesh bag please view my other listings because I have recently added it to the mix! Thanks again 3 girls review!
Coming soon: a new kind of tea sample sent out with every order from one very special Etsy vendor!
Monkey Fuzz

Ashley Jackson said...

Thank you for commenting Monkey Fuzz! I do like the design of the drawstring bags and the new kind I tested was perfect! So I'm happy to hear they've been added to your line :)