Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gellite Candle Company

I received the package from Gellite Candle company and was really surprised at what was packed inside.. Normally I think of candles I think of either something like the wickless candles that need a burner or a something solid such as soy, regular bees wax or your run of the mill wax, but That was not the case here. While the containers that contained the candles were of course solid, glass, the candles themselves were not… they are kind of like Jell-O!! Very interesting.. I couldn’t help but want to touch it..

In my package I received 3 different types of candles.. One in a very nice crystal wine glass in the smell of Merlot.. It had a very sweet smell that I know I have smelled before but couldn’t quite place.. It was very good though..

The second candle I received was in a little glass urn and along with the Jell-O type substance was shells and sand!! It is sooo pretty, almost too pretty to burn. I can definitely see someone just keeping it as decoration and not burning it!! This one was blue making it look like it was underwater and the smell reminds me of sitting on the beach having the breeze blow up over me, the scent being Bay Breeze.

The last one definitely my favorite smell is coconut lime verbena. I absolutely love the smell!! Reminds me of my cruise vacation and summer… These came in little tea lights. These also were squishy as my oldest says. They all have bubbles with in the gel giving them a very unique look.

They came very well packaged in bubble wrap as well as packing peanuts. Their website is very easy to maneuver, having the option to either shop by scent, price, or type of glass you want you candle to come in. They have some fun containers including a beer mug, martini glass, wine glass, and coffee mug! They have sizes from tea lights and tarts to 26 oz jars. They also suggest making your own scent by using one scent of tea light and a different scent tart! I have to admit I will be most likely ordering more from them, I have a few combinations in mind that I would love to try out!
Just a little info on Gellite Candles, they are made here in the good Ol’ US of A! Gel candles burn 3-5 times longer than regular wax candles. The gel is made with mineral oil with polymers added to maintain their stiffness. Their wicks is lead free and it’s a cotton wick with a zinc core.
The 9oz shell urn jar will burn for approximately 75 hours and retails for $16.97, their 10oz wine glass will burn for approximately 85 hours and retails for $15. 97, and the tea lights will burn 8-10 hours each and retail for $6.97. These are not bad prices considering they do burn slow.
Gellite Candles are a full service candle company who offers not only retail sales but also wholesale, custom fillings and best of all fundraising!! Do you have a group that needs a fundraising idea?? Contact Gellite Candles and I know they would be very happy help you!!
Please head over to to see their great stuff! Also make sure to friend them on face book to be sure you get their latest specials and send them some fb love!!! Make sure to tell them that 3G sent you!

Pros: They are really cool! They are soo unique and so different from any other candle I have seen. They have a great scent and look beautiful while they are burning. They have a great selection of both scents and holders.
Con: although they have a great scent, but if you are burning them in a larger room they dont seem to permiate the whole area.

Overall: These are great unique candles, that have great scent. They burn long and clean and make a beautiful addition to any room. I will definately be ordering from them again! They are a great business that offers both options for your home as well as for your group as a fundraiser. They offer a great variety in both scent and look!

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