Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beauti Control with Sam: Sadie's Review

I had the joy of trying the White Chocolate Peppermint Instant Manicure Set today. Not only does it smell absolutely delicious, it made my hands super soft! Most of you know I'm not too much into the "beauty" aspect of things - with three kids, and a full-time business to take care of, it's hard to care. But BeautiControl makes it easy to take care of yourself and feel beautiful in just a short amount of time. And if you can get your consultant to notify you of sales, you can definitely afford to keep up a beauty regimen no matter what your budget is!

I also tried the BC Spa Manicure Set. I really like using the Cuticle Oil Pen. I don't take the best care of my nails and cuticles, but this pen repaired them very quickly!

Good: Products are absolutely wonderful. They made my hands soft, they smell good, and the packaging is beautiful - I love displaying them in my bathroom.

Bad: The price is high, but if you catch them on sale they're definitely worth it.

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Samantha T. said...

Thanks for the great review Sadie! If the prices are steering you away, I've always got sales going on, and hosts earn FREE and discounted products at their spas--they never have to pay full price!