Sunday, November 21, 2010

Spalicity Explicity 4U: Ashley's Review

Down by the Sea Vetiver Scented Bath Salts 

"Allow yourself time to pamper yourself!!! You know you deserve it!" says the opening sentence on the Spalicity Explicity 4U home page. So pamper myself I did! I was very excited to receive my spa-like items from this maker of natural scrubs and bath salts.

I was immediately pleased with the packaging of the samples. The jars had a nice, classy feel to them with the metal lids and white labels. I received a jar of bath salts and a jar of body scrub. I don't usually take baths (could my bath tub be any smaller? hahaha) so I decided to indulge my daughter in a deliciously scented bubble bath using some of her favorite bubble bath and the Down by the Sea Bath Salts. She LOVED how it smelled and her sensitive skin did not disagree with the product at all. Big plus there! The sample jar she sent was enough for three baths, so she was quite generous with it :)

I love sugar scrubs and the one she scent me was the perfect combination of oil and sugar to exfoliate and moisturize. I'm not sure which one it is that she sent me. The label doesn't say, but it smells of lavender and appears to be white sugar. I could be wrong, though. Whichever one it is, it smells nice and clean and exfoliates well. My skin was very soft after using it and the scents were not overpowering. Plus, the prices aren't over the top.

Overall, I enjoyed trying these products and wouldn't mind trying a couple more if I get a chance (the facial cleansing oils are intriguing and the holiday bath salts sound very nice!). My only two critics are that the labels are not complete enough for me. The ingredient listing was sparse and generic. Not specific to each product it was on (hence why I'm not sure which sugar scrub she sent me). The other thing is that the website is not all that appealing to me. It's ok, but I was hoping for something a little more aesthetically pleasing for my shopping experience.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley!

Thanks for the review!!! I am so glad that both you and your daughter enjoyed the products.

The scrub that you were sent, which was in a sample size jar, did have a generic label but the packing list did have the name on it which was, "Moisturize and Revitalize, Lavender scented white sugar body scrub". For sales, the products name is always on the label so as to leave for no confusion. Ingredient labels are overall generic because I am currently using limited essential oils but as I grow, that will change.

The website is always being revamped however I am always open to suggestions (via email) to help make it more aesthetic for the public.

Thanks to your review, I have yet another selling tip that I plan on using! :)

Thank you again!!!

Shasean -
Co-founder Spalicity Explicity 4U