Monday, November 1, 2010

Bum Covered Diapers: Sadie's Review

Just received a cute little terry cloth bib in the mail from Bum Covered Diapers! Their website is awesome, and so are their products!

This bib is perfect because it will last from newborn until the baby is at least a year old. It's super cute and definitely washable. Made with 100% cotton.

And how cute are these little Knicker Nappies?! Just the name alone makes me grin. :) I am a huge fan of cloth diapering. We all know how convenient disposies are but when you can help the environment in such a huge way, why not? At these prices, I'd say it's worth a shot!

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Good: As a fellow crafter, I can tell you with certainty that a lot of hard work (and love!) goes into making these terry cloth bibs. I checked the stitching, on the letters and around the neck, and this thing is sturdy. I pulled and tugged, and tugged and pulled. We washed it three times, and it's still doing great. I'm giving it as a shower gift for my cousin and I'm sure she will love it! I wouldn't give anything that I don't stand behind. The price is $9 - normally I'd say this was a bit high, but these are customizable so I'd say it's a fair price. They also offer them 3 for $25, which I think is a GREAT deal.

Bad: Like I said, usually I'd say the price is kind of high because I'm all about saving money - but after seeing how much work obviously went into this bib, it's a great price.

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