Monday, November 1, 2010

Dee's Country Candles: Sadie's Review

Dee's Country Candles sent lots of things for us to review, so I enlisted the help of my kids, girlfriend, and neighbor! Prices are great -- this warmer is only $8!

Body Frosting: We tried Hawaiian Ginger and Crab Apple. The Hawaiian Ginger was great. Crab Apple, not so much! But if you like apple, you may like it. :)

Candles: We tried New Moon. Dee's candle was great! No black smoke, like many soy candles. The scent was "New Moon" but it smells more like fresh laundry. Nice, clean scent.

Tarts: We tried the French Strawberry, Red Sedona and Clothesline Fresh scents. The Red Sedona was a unique smell. Clothesline fresh smelled just perfect. None of us liked the French Strawberry, at all.

Bath Bombs: Black Raspberry Vanilla and Love Spell - we enjoyed them both. The kids thought they were great and said they were super fizzy! I don't see them on her website, so I'm not sure about the price.

Good: Prices seem middle of the road, and she charges actual shipping which is nice. Nobody likes being overcharged for shipping! Everything was nicely packaged, organized, and professional looking. I could tell she spent a lot of time on making the products.

Bad: Some of the scents seemed way off (like the French Strawberry).

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