Monday, October 18, 2010

Guy & Eva Rocks: Jenelle's Review

I received this groovy necklace from Guy & Eva Rocks for my 9th birthday! At first when I opened the envelope, I just saw a card so I was sad. But I unwrapped the bubble wrap and saw this super cool necklace and had my mom put it on me right away! The design is really unique, which is what makes me love it. I like that their prices are affordable and that they carry jewelry that even someone my age would like to wear.

Also, it's durable. I took the trash out, played outside for a few hours, and even rolled a huge tire down the hill - and it's still in one piece. Amazing!

If you are looking for something from their collection, I recommend the Casey Necklace. It's going to be featured in InStyle magazine soon!

This is something I would love to get, but it's also something my mom would wear (and she doesn't do jewelry)!

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I give Guy & Eva 5 out of 5 stars - very affordable, durable, and stylish for even the odd ball girls like me. Plus, the lady was really nice. :)

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