Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Own Iron On Art: Sadie's Reivew

So I figure it's high time I start pulling my own weight around here (and there's a lot of it - any weight-loss supplement people need a review?) and try my first review. :)

We had a t-shirt making party today using My Own Monster Lil' Monster kits. We had a blast! I honestly think I had as much fun as the kids did. I'm totally making my own next time.

The shirts are entirely too cute!! Plus, we made 4 shirts out of one package and still have some random pieces left over (yay for saving $$).

I love that she could place the pieces where she wanted them, and then I could iron them on. :)

We even made one for each of her sisters, who were super excited to act like monsters when they tried them on!

The Good: Affordable, it kept us entertained for over an hour, and was super easy.

The Bad: A few of the bigger pieces ripped, no matter how careful I was with pulling them off.

Pricing: These are priced at $5.99, which is awesome for even the cheapest cheap skate like me! We used a 40% off coupon, and our shirts were all only $1.50 each, so this was a very affordable project for everyone!

Tip:If you decide to do this craft, be sure to cut the pieces out instead of pulling them off.

Buy it at Hobby Lobby or online: My Own Monster Lil' Monster

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