Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Prarie Grass Sundries: Sadie's Review

Prairie Grass Sundries says this on her Etsy page: I sell a variety of bar soaps, castile being my specialty. I also sell shredded soap, for those who like to make their own products, and my specially formulated all-natural laundry soap. Everything is made by me personally in small batches in my country kitchen. Each bar of soap is hand cut and unique. All of my products contain only natural ingredients.

I tried the Bees Knees and Stress Relief Soaps. They both have unique smells and they lather, unlike most home-made soaps I've tried. The Stress Relief soap is great, but I'll be honest: It's gonna take a whole lot more than some soap to relieve my stress! :) But it was fun to try, nonetheless. The Bees Knees soap, well, I'm in love with it. So are the kids. It has a texture and consistency like I've never seen before and it lathers up quite nicely!

Next, I want to try the laundry bar stain stick, and I can't wait for her to start selling the Facial Mask Collection & Goat's Milk Castile. Maybe she will be nice enough to send me some for another review? :)

The Good: The soaps are honestly amazing. I'm very picky when it comes to soaps, body bars, etc but I like these a lot. The kids like them, too, which is always a plus. The Bees Knees soap is very eye-catching. The company always notices it. .

The Bad: The scent of the Bees Knees soap is a bit.. different. It's something that took some getting used to. Also when these soaps were shipped to me, they were wrapped together instead of separately so it took a little bit for each to get its own smell back. I emailed the creator about this problem and she graciously accepted my criticism and said she would start wrapping them separately from now on. A++ for customer service, for sure.

Pricing: At about $5 per bar, I would say her prices are average

Buy It: Here and let her know you saw her over at 3 Girls Reviews!


TheGirlWithTheHair said...

I actually saw this shop on Etsy the other day and ALMOST ordered but I was unsure of the product. I'm super excited you did this review because now I feel comforable going to purchase. Off to Etsy!

Ashley Jackson said...

That's great Michelle!