Monday, October 25, 2010

Scarborough Lane: Sadie's Review

Jenny over at Scarborough Lane has me hooked on her soy wax melts! My favorite are the birthday cupcake, lemon pucker, strawberry lemonade, and love spell type. I actually have a few more favorites, but I'll stop there and let you try them all to find your favorites. :) The scent of each wax melt we tried was unique, they melted quickly, and when I wanted to switch 'flavors', I just popped them out of the warmer and replaced it with a new one. They aren't like the ones that stay stuck in the warmer for days or even weeks until you pour them out.

Next, I'm going to try the Vacuum Scent Squares. I sniffle and sneeze when using powder carpet fresheners, so I think these will be a great alternative. And at these prices, you really can't pass them up!

The Good: Everything! These soy wax melts had the perfect blend of sugar and spice to make my entire home smell lovely. They weren't too overpowering, which is what happens sometimes with homemade melts. At under $3 on sale this week, their prices can't be beat. I was very impressed and give 5 out of 5 stars for sure!

The Bad: I want more and am going to have to wait until I use all of these to be able to justify ordering more! lol Honestly, nothing bad about them at all. I'll be ordering them as gifts as well.

Find Scarborough Lane on Facebook - they do giveaways, offer samples, and have sales quite frequently!

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