Sunday, March 13, 2011

Donation time! Join me!!

Many charities are near and dear to my heart, and I like to think I'm a very giving person. :) Even when it's my last $5, I give it to the homeless guy by the mall, or I will donate it to a medical research program. After asking our 3G Facebook Fans, we came up with the following charity options for my donation. For each follower we have at the end of the month of March, I will personally donate 10 cents to the charity that has the majority of votes. You may vote for more than one. If by some chance all charities are even, the amount will be divided up.

Click on the charity to find out more about them, their mission, etc.

March of Dimes
Autism Society
Humane Society
Children's Medical Research
St. Jude
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
American Cancer Society
Dress 4 Success
Japan Relief Fund - American Red Cross

We currently have 177 followers. That is $17.70. The minimum I will donate is $20, so even if we do not get ANY new followers, I will still donate that amount to the winning charity. :) Be sure to tell all of your friends to come FOLLOW our blog and vote for their favorite charity!!

If your business would like to sign up to MATCH my donation, please email me right away! ATTN: Sadie

I will advertise for you at no charge ALL month not only on this blog but on ourFacebook Fan Page (over 1,200 fans), and on my Nellie Bug's Fan Page (over 5,000 fans). This would be a good way to make a relatively small donation and still receive lots of benefits from it.

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