Monday, March 7, 2011


Sorry everyone I dropped the ball forgot to post this earlier! Lost track of what day it was :(

I have to admit I'm lazy.. I also tend to be rather forgetful, but I love to watch movies. I used to go to your run of them mill rental places that you see all over, but I always forgot to bring the movie back and ended up always loosing money because I was always paying late fees or having to buy the movie because I am WAY over due.
I decided to give Netflix a try. I am quite pleased with them. You get to choose your plan whether it be one movie at a time, one movie and unlimited online rentals, 2 at a time, 3 at a time and so on. For awhile I had the 2 at a time plan but have recently changed to 1 because we are just too busy to watch them. I found I had the same movie for almost 6 months L. With Netflix I was never charged a late fee nor did I have to buy the movie. I did have to buy one when I lost it, but I later found it and was able to return it and I got a credit for it. I did also have an issue at one point where I sent a movie back and they didn’t get it. I was not charged for that movie!
That brings me to delivery of your movie. They are super quick! If I return a movie on Monday I will have my new movie usually by Wed on the rare occasion will it be Thursday. I love their quick turn around. If I am watching a tv series I want to be able to watch the next dvd right away and I am with their speedy deliveries.
They have a TON of movies and tv series to choose from in every genre. Their online viewing is clear and crisp and doesn’t hang up, at least not in my experience. You are able to watch them thru different devises including your PS3. If your tv has the right connections you can even watch it right thru your tv!

Pro: tons of options both in billing and in movies, quick shipment, great customer service
Cons: dvds are only shipped in paper slips.

Overall: Netflix is a great little company. You are able to get your movies delivered right to your door and picked up from your door. No worries about having to remember to bring your movies back to somewhere your mailman will take them for you!

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Abbyscraftymom said...

we love netflix. we stream from our xbox and also get the 1 dvd plan. I have had the same true blood dvd for almost a year which reminds me i need to return that. lol