Friday, March 11, 2011

Soy Simplicities

I was window shopping so to speak one afternoon on and came across this little company Soy Simplicities. I have started burning soy candles mostly because they last a lot longer. I burn a lot of candles and usually all day.
What caught my eye with this company is that they have a candle scent called Baking Brownies!!! OMG I can not tell you how good it smells!! Makes my mouth water! Smells just like you are making a fresh batch of brownies in the oven.. The smell lasts too. It doesn’t just fade into the background.
Being how well this candle lasted I ordered up some others, some scents I knew I would enjoy. I ordered gingerbread, roasted coffee, lilac and spring rain. I have to admit that the other scents were not nearly as potent. I did like the smell of the ginger bread and the spring rain but the coffee, not so much. I have yet to try the lilac. That will be my next sent once I have counters again, (for those who don’t know we are in the process of remodeling our kitchen). They come in a cute little jar or in a mason jar. They also come in different sizes.

Pro: the baked brownies smell incredible!! They last long, they are soy so there is less “soot”, they have a lot of great sounding scents, different sizes, the jars are reusable after they are washed w soap and warm water.

Cons: a bit pricey $10 for an 8 oz jar, they are all white candles so you cant tell what scent you are grabbing unless you look at the tag, some of the scents are not as strong.

Overall: I will order from them again. The candles do smell great. They are made with 100% natural soy wax, cotton lead-free wicks and select fragrance oils, Cleaner burning, longer lasting, wonderfully scented candle, Non-toxic, eco-friendly and water soluble, healthy choice for sharing and enjoying your favorite aromas with friends and family. I recommend them to anyone who likes different smelling candles.

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