Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review/Giveaway!! Pale Preoccupation

There are so many great things about Liese Chavez and her shop, Pale Preoccupation, that I'm not sure where to start! First of all, the name... just so unique! I love it. :) If you take two minutes to visit Liese's shop, you will see why I am in love. She is a great artist/illustrator, and is so friendly and helpful you feel like you are talking to an old friend instead of a shop owner.

I received a scrabble pendant necklace of her illustration: A WISH. This is the print:

A WISH -- signed Print of an Original Ink and Acrylic Painting -- PalePreoccupation

This is my scrabble pendant necklace:

A WISH -- Scrabble Tile Pendant -- FREE CHAIN -- FREE ILLUSTRATION

You can order this necklace here for $14 -- it comes with a free illustration as well as a free chain!

This is probably my favorite print... and only $16.
Secret Garden -- signed Print of an Original Ink and Acrylic Painting -- PalePreoccupation

Shipping is very reasonable ($3.00 for the above item), and the artwork is nothing short of amazing - especially for the price. I am going to order one of her prints for my daughter's next birthday. She will be turning 10 and they will make a great addition to her room. These will make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, etc... anyone who appreciates art will fall in love with Pale Preoccupation!

I don't really see a down side to this item at all. The chain is not a cheapo chain, the art is not blurred in any way, and the pendant is sealed properly (at the sides as well not just on top). I am definitely putting this shop on my Top 10.

Liese has been kind enough to offer one of our readers a scrabble tile pendant of the image "Flown" with a silver plated chain and free illustration! You know the drill, the more responses you make the more chances you get to win!


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If you are a regular reader, you noticed I left out the last section of my review "pros, cons, overall", and just included it in the main post. Let me know how you feel about this.. love it, hate it?


DeadpanAlley said...

Sadie, thank you for such a glowing review, it was so kind of you to do it.
Folks, Sadie is right, I really am quite friendly, please join me on Facebook or Twitter...or Etsy...or wherever you want to stalk me is fine. :D

Can't wait to send out the necklace to the winner!

Tiffany said...

I love the A Wish. It is beautiful!
Tiffany Jank

Momma*of*5 said...

I love the A Wish. it is very beautiful!
I am already a follower of your blog and a fan on facebook and I am getting ready to fan Pale Preoccupation on FB also!!!

Momma*of*5 said...

Ooops forgot to leave my email addy its

Unknown said...

I love the "A wish" one, and the second fav i have is "the keyhole". The "a wish" neclace reminds me of a childs innocent wishes :) I think im a follower on blog and facebook..
Email is

Thanks Ladies!

Unknown said...

oh and i just "loved" her on etsy :)

Unknown said...

I love Percy and Baldric. It has a little bit of whimsy to it. Her work is amazing.

Ashlee Rivera

Jess said...

I also love the wish one! I'm a follower of the blog as well as on Facebook. I think they are such beautiful necklaces!

KekiRee said...

I found it! Lovely stuff! Thanks Sadie!

Unknown said...

Wow- such talent!
My favorite two are "Secret Garden" and "A Wish". Love them both!

Unknown said...

Of course, I am already of 3G blog follower!

Unknown said...

Also already a fan of you ladies on facebook <3

Unknown said...

Omg I love so many of these but I'd have to say my favorite is Impetus. I love that its unique and their beautiful.

~CrIsSyWiLsOn~ said...

I am in love with her work! I must say though, as a red-head myself, that "Silence" is my FAVE!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

~CrIsSyWiLsOn~ said...

fanned you on Facebook! YAY!! :)

~CrIsSyWiLsOn~ said...

I now a "follower" of your fabulous blog!!!