Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fresh - Black Tea Age-Delay Cream

Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Cream 1 oz (30 g)I received this sample when i was in sephora about 2 weeks ago. After first i didn't think nothing of it as they usually always through a sample of some kind in my bag. Yeah i shop there to much. lol So i get it home and its normally for dry skin so i wouldn't have given it another thought except this winter weather was wrecking havoc on my normally oily skin. I'm very cautious about what i use because i have very sensitive skin and break out at just the thought of something new.

So up on first application i thought it didn't really smell that good and it left my skin red and a little tingly i  almost washed it off but I'm happy i stuck it out. When i woke up the next morning my skin was glowing. It was nice and dewy and i could tell it was a very rich moisturizer.

I have been using this same sample jar for 2 weeks and let me tell you a very little tiny minute amount goes a long way and you will want to stretch it as far as you can due to the fact its $95 for a 1oz jar.

I fell the cream is so worth the price if you have dry skin and need a luxurious cream but for me winter is over and my skin is not in need of something this moisturizing. Next winter though you better believe i will be getting a jar or at least another sample.

PRO: It is super rich, the smell isn't to bad its actually kinda clean and earthy, and it works like no other cream on your dry areas.

CONS: The price. yikes

OVERALL: I say its a good investment since it will last forever as long as your not trying to bathe in it. Its at least worth a trip to sephora to get a sample and see what a truly luxurious cream can do for you.


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