Monday, March 21, 2011

Devany's Designs Review & Giveaway

How many ways can you say "Happy Birthday"? Well, let's see... you could say it with zebra stripes and polka dots...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Banner - ZEBRA and MINNIE MOUSE style print in black white and hot pink

Or you could say it with leopard print!
HaPPY BiRTHDAY Banner - Golden Yellow LEoPARD and Red MiNNIE Polka Dots

Hey, what about a cow print?
HaPPY BiRTHDAY Banner - Chocolate Brown CoW PRiNT on Baby PiNK

All of these are FUN ways to say Happy Birthday!! Visit Devany's Designs on Etsy to see more.

As always, I'm going to be 100% honest when writing this review. When I saw these banners, I wasn't completely sold on them. The pictures are okay, but not great (though I admit when I tried to get my own "great" pictures of the one I received, I failed miserably), and they're cute but they didn't make me squeal with delight when seeing them online. However, when I got my Happy Birthday banner in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised!! These are not letters on printed paper, they are solid colored letters with hand made stripes, polka dots, etc. They are sealed (think laminated), and strung together with a satin ribbon. I only wish my little girl's birthday was coming sooner than August! She loves Minnie Mouse and these zebra stripes and polka dots (see first picture) would look GREAT with a Minnie theme!

Shipping is only $1.60, or $.40 if shipped with another item. You truly can't beat that, especially with the price of mailing supplies these days. Ugh, don't get me started!

I was browsing Devany's shop and found the CUTEST baby shower designs. Look!

Giant iTS A GiRL Banner - Hot Pink Cheetah or Leopard Print

And she didn't leave the boys out!
ITS A BOY banner - blue/brown polka dots

Ya know what would be super fun? A camouflage "Happy Birthday" sign for the little hunter in your life, or maybe a silver and black for your mom's 50th birthday party! The possibilities are endless here, and at these prices you really can't resist! I know some of you are thinking "I could make those myself". Why yes, yes you could.. but they're only $15 and I promise it would take you more time than it's worth! So if you are planning a party soon, be sure to stop by Devany's Designs and let her know you want her to make you a special sign!

Orrrrrrrr better yet, ENTER OUR GIVEAWAY!! :) One custom birthday sign made by Devany's is up for grabs!! You know the drill. :) Don't forget to leave your email! Giveaway ends 3/27 and winner will be announced on that day.

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Stephanie said...

My favorite is the firetruck banner!

Unknown said...

How stinkin' cute are these??!! I love so many of them! Wish you had done this review back in August- I would have ordered the Buzz Lightyear one for my son's party. I LOVE the dark choc. brown banner w/ pink flowers- so cute and girly!

Unknown said...

I already follow the 3G Blog =)

Unknown said...

I added Devany's Designs to my favorites on Etsy!

DaniLee said...

My favorite is the HAPPY BIRTHDAY Banner - DAMASK and MINNIE MOUSE style polka dots

To cute!!

DaniLee said...

I follow 3GR

DaniLee said...

I heart their etsy (Taylorboutiue)

DaniLee said...

I follow devany's blog

DaniLee said...

I posted this on facebook (3/23)

Kristen Swift said...

love the pink zebra stripes!!!!!

Kristen Swift said...

follwing your blog, name kristen swift

Kristen Swift said...

tweeted the giveaway @ mommysrealdeal

Kristen Swift said...

shared this to FB!