Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Waxing Poetic GIVEAWAY!!

Soy Candles at their best!! I have a big house and its rare that I can find a candle that will permeate the whole house. I ve been burning my candles lately on the mantle in my front entry way due to my kitchen being remodeled. I have burned two of Waxing Poetic’s candles so far and they fill my whole huge house. Waxing Poetic have three different lines, elemental, classic and country. I have burned the classic and the country scents. The country scent was wine country LOVE it.. It had a sweet scent, a smell that I could not put my finger on as to what it reminded me of. The smell lasted for a LONG time. Every time I went into a different room it would make it smell stronger not that I couldn’t smell it sitting in one room. The classic line candle was Lavender Haze.. It came in a cute little tin. The smell again was very strong and such a great smell. I say strong but not in any way a bad thing. It penetrated the whole house and lasted the whole time the candle was lit.
The elemental candle unfortunately was broken in transit, so I have not yet had a chance to burn it. I’m really anxious to burn it though because it has a cedar wick. This is something I have never seen before. From their site: WP “Elemental” candles bring you the inspiring scents of nature, spas, and aromatherapy all wrapped up in a beautiful design showcasing the harmony between man (or woman!) and nature. The organic wood wick creates a quick wax melt for faster fragrance. And since wood doesn’t absorb wax for fuel as a traditional wick does, the burn time can be significantly increased. All the clean burning benefits of a natural soy candle, with the exciting addition of a wooden wick to add the element of a cozy, crackling fire without any ash, smoke or soot. Scent out loud? It’s elemental. They even have an elemental candle Fire scent! I can only imagine it must be just like having a fire burning, both by smell and sound! You bet once I am able I will be getting that one!! Although I have a feeling I will find myself buying from them time and time again.

You may ask where does the poetic of the name Waxing poetic come from?? Well the candles have small little poems written on the labels! This one being on my Lavender Haze candle: “This passion I have is not simply a phase ‘cause it makes me feel good and sure cures my malaise; when summer comes ‘round and the air is ablaze with the sweet heavy scent of a lavender haze.” They have the best names for their candles, A Pirates Life, I Screamsicle, and March’s scent of the month, Grassy Ass! They do a scent of the month which is 25% and free shipping!! Also all orders made in the month get a 2oz sampler of the smell of the month!! Cant beat that! Not only candles but they do have tarts and room spray! And they have tart warmers and warming plates!! Do you feel guilty buying candles?? If you buy them as often as I do you may, but I don’t have to buying from Waxing Poetic! They donate 10% of their proceeds to charity!! Guilt free candles!! Also they have a reward points program. For every candle you buy you get points!! Gather your points and get some great stuff!! I really could go on and on!

Pros: Clean soy candles. Great scents, they donate to charity, their candles have not only staying power but are strong scented.

Cons: The only thing I could possible say negative about this company is their shipping price. For me though its still worth the price, and not something that would deter me from buying from them again and again.

Over all: a great candle company! Great smelling, potent candles. Great assortment of scents, unique, cedar wicks, and they give back to charity! How can you not go wrong!! Just for the record, I already have an order in and am expecting it in the next few days! Yea I liked them that much!

You can check out all of thier awsome stuff on thier site at Waxing Poetic and please Go show them some FB love!! Want to try out all their greatness?? Here's your chance! Waxing Poetic is giving away a $25 gift cert to their shop!! You know how it works! Giveaway goes till April 8th so get your entries in!!!


Unknown said...

thanks for the review- so glad that you like the candles! sorry about the shipping:(. and you know, i don't even pay UPS retail rates- I actually pay the discounted list rates! i do have a couple of suggestions, though.

first, order more:). UPS shipping ranges from x pounds to x pounds, and if you have a package that weighs 5 pounds it costs as much to ship it as it does to ship a 12 pound package. (for example, to ship one Elemental candle- which weighs 2 pounds- it is around $9. to ship two cases (24) of Elemental candles to a wholesale account, it is around $28).

second, if at all possible, always ship to a business address, such as to your work or office. UPS charges a $2.45 "residential surcharge" delivery on all packages that are not delivered to a business address. this actually goes for any package that you have delivered by UPS.

again, thanks for the review, and enjoy the candles! (ps- the "fire" one IS awesome- it's a best seller!)

~CrIsSyWiLsOn~ said...

I really dislike when a candle in one room doesn't really smell in any other room... sounds like these are what I need.... between the dog and the baby diapers, my house could use some refreshing scents!


~CrIsSyWiLsOn~ said...

I "liked" Waxing Poetic on Facebook...and I showed them some love from me via you!


~CrIsSyWiLsOn~ said...

I posted about your blog and this giveaway on my Facebook page!



Kelly said...

I liked them on FB and will definitely share the love with my facebook friends!


Unknown said...

I'm always looking for candles that have a strong scent and will last long, so I'd love to win and try one of these out!!

Unknown said...

I am now a fan of Waxing Poetic Soy Candles on facebook.

Kristen Swift said...


i'd like to try soy candles! liked their FB page and thanks for the giveaway

Samantha T. said...

Liked their FB page and showed some love...I love candles! :)


vitalgoods said...

Liked the facebook page and showed some love! Might have to buy this myself sounds like they smell fantastic! I love stuff that smells good!


Anonymous said...

Became a fan showed some love and shared the review and blog!!!